scout 80 work in progress

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This is Dan and Becky's 63 scout. It's a former military vehicle, not sure which branch , but we do know it was overseas in Korea at one time. We are in the process of fixing it up. Not doing a frame-off restoration, but I am planning on going through everything mechanically and fixing up the rusted out body, then driving it and having fun!
  1. with body filler
  2. with etch primer
  3. After patches
  4. before work
  5. bed with old paint and rust
  6. removed old paint and rust
  7. bedliner going in soon
  8. Love that POR15
  9. government tag on the dashboard
  10. foreign stenciled letters on the doors, anyone know what language?
  11. what the heck is this red thing on the dash?
  12. ready for disassembly
  13. top's off for now
  14. finally moved into new home
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