67 Travelette Project

My three year odyssey rebuilding a 1967 IHC Travelette with a 1990 Dodge Cummins 5.9L diesel engine.
  1. Reverse mounted transfer case lever. Transmission shifter moved about a foot towards the center of the cab.
  2. Custom diesel tank holds 42 gallons of fuel
  3. New K&N air filter
  4. Insulated hood helps but cab's still pretty loud.
  5. Rear seat comes from a 97' Chevy Silverado extended cab. Short seat makes for more leg room.
  6. Fabricated cross member for the NP205 transfer case.
  7. Glow plugs from the Dodge wiring harness.
  8. Intentional linkage mated to the Dodge wiper assemblies.
  9. K&N air filter unit just fits.
  10. Custom fabricated spare tire carrier built from a late 80's Ford Bronco pickup.
  11. It fits!!! The windshield wiper motor had to have a custom mount for the engine to work correctly.
  12. New hubs for the 75' IHC pickup axle.
  13. Bench seats from a 1990 Dodge pickup and a Chevy Silverado Quad cab. Short rear seat makes for some additional leg room.
  14. Sound proofing the cab with "Brown Bread" gear. It's helped some but not as much as I wished for.
  15. In the shop with matching 68" IHC 3/4 ton custom made trailer. An 72' Alaskan pop-up camper lives in it now.
  16. Day one.
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