View Full Version : serial numbers on tractor

07-22-2011, 02:08 PM
I just bought a 1969 856 international tractor and I was wondering if there is any place to find out who the original owner was by serial number. I was told that my father bought this tractor new. I know he had one because I drove it a lot sure would Like to find out if it is the tractor.This might not be in the right thread but any help will do. Thanks

Allan E.
07-23-2011, 03:04 AM
You might be able to find out who the dealer was that sold it originally. They may still be in business.

When it comes to pickups and scouts and such, we call the Wisconsin Historical Society and get a line set ticket. That tells us the original shipping destination. Such an approach might work with the tractor as well. I don't know when Case bought out the tractor division of IH, so I can't be more specific.

07-23-2011, 04:27 AM
the dealer has been out of business for about 30 years,thanks for your input