View Full Version : International C146 Pistons (Ceramic Coated)

08-21-2011, 11:22 PM
International C146 Pistons (Ceramic Coated). Part # 318131823183
(4 for $800)
Hard to find, 4 brand new unused specially ceramic coated pistons for a C-146 engine for the International 2424 / 504 and other Tractors.
These pistons are ceramic coated on the top to withstand the heat inside the combustion chamber and special skirt coating for wear durability which is not what you normally find on regular farm tractor pistons but makes the engine more durable.
You can find cheaper pistons out there but these pistons make for harder, longer lasting engines.
I had these coated from newly purchased pistons.
I paid $150 for each piston new and each piston cost $28 to Ceramic Coat plus shipping.
I am looking to recoup my costs. AS IS.
Buyer pays $33 for shipping in USA.

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