View Full Version : starting my first scoutII project

02-18-2012, 12:35 PM
hello to all . first i must say there should be a warning some where for first time scout owners like myself , A SCOUT IS NOT A PROJECT ITS A OBSESSION!!!!! i have always been a chevy man and restored a 1972 chevy step side. 8 years ago i became a singel father of two babies at witch time exta time and money for projects no longer existed! a few months ago i seen a 1979 terra for sell . i fell in love with this rig . me and the kids stoped and checked it out . to be honest i had talked myself out of gettin it but my kids keept talkin bout how cool it would be to fix it up so its now a family project. i just found this web site and already found where i was going wrong . not havin any knowledge of the internaltional scout and all the missinformation on the web this site has been a big help in getting us back on track .