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03-25-2012, 04:37 AM
I wasn't sure exactly which section of the forum to post this in so I'm hoping it is Ok here. My name is Brian Sell, I am from Butler, Pa. My brother and I publish a quarterly magazine on Cub Cadet lawn & garden equipment entitled ‘Cadet Connection’. We are in our 11th year of publishing the Cadet Connection. Please see our website at:cadetconnection.com for more information on the Cadet magazine and our family.
The reason I am posting today is to let the forum members know that we are in the planning stages of launching a small quarterly publication on IH light trucks/scouts sometime later this year. This would be a full color magazine covering the IH truck line including: Pick-ups, Scouts, Travelalls, Travelettes and any other small IH vehicle. Our first step in this process is to gauge what interest there is out there for such a publication. I will also be running ads in selective publications in an effort to gauge interest. The support of members of this forum would go along ways in helping to get this publication off the ground.
At this time we simply are asking folks to drop us an email as to whether they think they would be interested in subscribing to such a publication. Once we garner enough feedback for several months then we will decide if there is enough interest to move forward with the project. I have reserved one page of our current menu on the Cadet Connection website entitled ‘New Publication’ to give those interested more information on our proposed publication. I’ve also provided an email link for them to send us their name and address if they would be interested in subscribing to this publication once they read up on it. In closing I want to thank you for your time and we’d be glad to hear from you.
Brian Sell