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08-19-2017, 02:01 AM
I hope I'm putting this question in the correct category. If not, I apologize.
I found a lot of IH info on the wayback machine, but then noticed those pages contained part of the Binder Bulletin url. So I signed up to your forum.
I'm new to Binder Bulletin but not too new to IH trucks.
Here is the url I'm asking about:


Are those listed topic links accessible on the current Binder Bulletin forum web site? Or did Binder Bulletin go through some type of crash where they are now only available now through the internet's archive wayback machine? When I go to the Binder Bulletin's FAQ I don't see these links, but can they be found someplace else on the Binder Bulletin's forum's web site I'm not aware of? As I say, I'm new to Binder Bulletin.

Lots of good IH info at that link there and apparently authored at your forum, but I can't find the info on this current forum.

Am I looking in the wrong place on the forum's web site? Please let me know what's going on.

Thank you, everyone.

EDIT: for some reason Binder Bulletin won't let me, as a new member, post any url links. And I don't know how to ask the question without referring to the links page. So I'll try this: copy and paste the url to a new browser window then remove the three * before hitting the enter key - there are three *'s total to be removed before hitting enter. Perhaps if someone else figures it out they can repost the link properly. There is a * between the two t's in http and a * between the w's.