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  1. Scout II to 800 - Frame swap or axle swap?

    Hello folks.

    Inherited a 1969 Scout 800b, 304, 4 speed. Oregon rig, with no rust. It runs as what I imagine was originally intended: complains above 50 mph, gets 10 mpg, steers like a tractor...
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    I've just had a few Cherokee's with the AX15...

    I've just had a few Cherokee's with the AX15 5speed. I like that tranny - but it's a left (driver's) side drop.
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    Mercedes diesel in Scout 800a?

    Howdy folks,

    Recently inherited a 1969 Scout 800 from my grandfather. It's got a 304 v8 and a 4 speed.

    I've done a lot of reading on other forums, so I'm not new to this question, I just like...
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