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  1. 1973 Pickup Deluxe trim package question

  2. 1973 Pickup Deluxe trim package question

  3. 1974 auto w/t case into a 1971 questions

    I am trying to convert a 71 4 speed into a auto using the parts of a 74 1110 travelall.. I had had several people tell me IH shifted the engine back 6 inches in 74. My question is will this fit? I...
  4. What are the differences between 1973 and 1974 frames???

    I have a 1973 1310 4x4 auto, I purchased a 1971 1210 2wd manual for the body and want to convert to a 4x4 auto. I have done the axle swap so now I am thinking of buying a 74 travelall 4x4 auto...
  5. Dana 70, Ra-15 ring and pinion swap-Where to buy

    I have a 71 1310 4x4 that I am trying to restore, making 1 nice truck out of two. This has a dana 70 front, and Ra-15 rear with 4.88 gears. I want to put an original 3 speed 727 auto in it, can I...
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    Do you know if you install this kit, do you still...

    IH Parts America has a conversion kit for the 700R4, I believe. Not cheap, but it can be done.

    Do you know if you install this kit, do you still use the column shifter, or is there alot of...
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    1971 1310 4x4 transmission options

    I bought a 71 1310 4x4 fleetside pickup that was in my family for years, finally found it, but the body is gone. I bought a 72 1210 2wd that has a nice body. I swapped dana 70 and ru-15 axle under...
  8. Where can I get a build sheet for my IH truck?

    Wondering if there is a company out there who can tell me how my 73 1310 pickup was optioned when new. I guess I am looking for a build sheet. I have the VIN number plate. Thanks
  9. What were the differences between early 70's pickups?

    I bought a 71 1310 4x4 fleetside pickup and the body is gone. Looking to purchase a truck for sheetmetal swap. What were the differences between 1970-1975 pickups? Like interiors, exteriors, panel...
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    1310 all wheel drive emblems wanted!!

    Looking for the "1310 al wheel drive" emblems for a 1971 1310 pickup. Thanks
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    806 rear wheel hub wanted!!!

    Looking for a rear wheel hub for 806 tractor. I live in Minnesota. Can get stuff shipped from Iowa also. Thanks
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    Wanted 1970-1975 Pickup

    Looking for a 1970-1975 Pickup with 8' bed. Mechanical condition doesn't matter, but looking for something that has a very good body. Would prefer 70-73. Thanks
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