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  1. 1975 Loadstar 1600 Manual Hubs Needed

    I might be confused on what you are asking. All the parts in that diagram are needed and are available to order. My engine is a factory electric start converted to manual start.
  2. What happened to the binderbulletin of the past

    I was there. I have some pictures but Im at the airport waiting for my flight. I may be able to get a few posted here and send the rest to Kate.
  3. scout II for sale with extra body 1000

    i think ill go for the NOKIA N80-- , does that come with chips & rice? can i have the boiled rice rather than the fried please...oh and can you stick a menu in the bag please. Than you
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    345 Idles on four cylinders yet

    Still a devastating side even with the replacements. Hell Kangaroos are so well stocked they arent replacements, they are equals.

    I got my tickets for this match With Greg.
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    1700 transmission problem

    Hey everyone

    Im having a problem with my automatic transmission in my Jeep. The Jeep had approximately 71k on it and was used as a daily driver up until abo it 4-5 weeks ago.

    I had a seized...
  6. 61 bc 170 allwheel drive master cylinder cap needed

    My master cylinder on my E3 was replaced twice because of leaking. Cap first, then master cylinder twice. Theres a known issue I was told about the top of the plastic master cylinder not being true...
  7. IH 345 idle on 4 cylinders need more help

    its not a graphic problem its a memory problem. sro is popular with memory leaks not much you can do about it. you can increase your virtual memory to see if that works free or buy more ram might...
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    Dot stuff Bought a 20 box truck

    I was going to top off my brake fluid after some repairs but ran into a little confusion. I assumed I had DOT 5 fluid its a 94 but since DOT 5 comes in both purple and yellow, how do I know what I...
  9. 1974 304 backfiring thru carb need help

    Thank you for reaching out Im new to this camping repair stuff and need all the help I can get. My control panel has a fan speed slide switch, fan auto button,, fan dome up-down button and air flow...
  10. Gearing change questions 1966 bus on Loadstar 1600 chassis with RA 30

    Just wondering... but wouldnt it be cheaper in the long run to sell your mini and buy a manual? It will cost a lot to do the change and could reduce the value of the car when someone finds out so...
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    1975 Loadstar 1850 Ignition Question

    Hi Guys i have a carry F8A and am going to be changing a few ignition parts
    due to poor cold starting, my question is what is the Gap for the points supposed to
    be set at ? thanks for reading
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    1700 transmission problem

    Mine has the same problem. With out the long trip going to the transmission shop today. hope I get better news. But not holding my breath.
  13. 1975 Loadstar 1600 Manual Hubs Needed

    Am looking to get some manual Hubs and a Snorkel for my 1992 Suzuki Escudo Ga16 engine and was wondering what where the best options, also open to buying second hand.
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