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    Scout II Front Bench Seat

    Front seat from a 1972 International Scout II. Upholstery is in pretty good shape, any blemishes are shown in pictures. The material of upholstery is marine vinyl, made to hold up exceptionally well...
  2. yes, it sold. couldn't figure out if/how I could...

    yes, it sold.
    couldn't figure out if/how I could delete a thread....
  3. Thank you for the replies. All the u-joints...

    Thank you for the replies.

    All the u-joints are brand new and freshly greased.
    The speedo cable comes out of the driver side.
    I was hoping that it was something silly and wouldn't involve...
  4. Scary noises AND What does this spring attach to???

    Hi all,

    I have a 1972 Scout II. I recently swapped in a SD-33, which is a few inches longer. I moved the transfer case crossmember back, blah blah blah.

    Noise A seems to come from the...
  5. Swapping a V-8 345 for the SD33 in a 72 Scout

    Hi all,

    Simple question: What is entailed with putting an SD33 in my 72 Scout that came with the 345 V8?

    I think the engine mounts are the same, but the transmission crossmember has to move. ...
  6. 345 Engine & Transmission - engine runs!

    Only asking $500 for everything!
    345ci Engine, transmission, and transfer case from a 1972 Scout II.
    99K miles.
    It runs, fires right up, and is still in the vehicle, so you can come hear it.
  7. well, all it takes is a one-way ticket to oregon,...

    well, all it takes is a one-way ticket to oregon, and then you can drive it home... hint, hint.
  8. 1973 Scout II 345ci, minimal rust, runs excellent!

    Beautiful Scout, very clean with minimal rust.
    Only has ~20,000 on rebuilt 345 engine.
    4wd works great, and truck hauls loads well.
    EXCELLENT interior - seats have only been sat on for a few...
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