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  1. Need rear quarters and end caps for scout II

    In PA. Looking for rear quarter panels and end caps for a scout II. Really would like to buy new sheet metal, but the Light Line dealers charge an OUTRAGEOUS amount to ship them (as much as the...
  2. Looking for scout ii parts for converting 727 to a T19 or NV4500

    Looking to convert my scout fron the 727 to a manual tranny. If you are parting out a scout ii with a manual tranny, are near central pennsylvania, and are willing to sell the parts, please reply.
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    1976 Scout II decisions

    It's been a long time (like 10+ years) since I've really had time to work on my Scout II, but I finally can.

    A little about her. She's a '76. Sprung over, custom springs, EB front axel,...
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    Looking for 727 in PA, MD, DE to rebuild

    Need to R&R my tranny and I think I might have a cracked bell housing. Looking for one cheap to rebuild. I'm hoping someone has one they want out of their garage.
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    EGR Vacuum Switch Operation

    Background: 1974 Scout II with renewed SV 392 and aftermarket Holley 2300.

    Engine starts and runs well. When it warms up, giving it gas causes the engine to bog down. I've traced it to the EGR...
  6. My first suspicion would be the bulkhead...

    My first suspicion would be the bulkhead connector between the wires inside the cab, and the engine. My second guess would be the key switch inside the column. Since it runs and drives it's likely...
  7. Sorry to hear your troubles. I am truly...

    Sorry to hear your troubles. I am truly surprised that any mechanic that has looked at the scout hasn't been able to diagnose and correct the problem. Unless the vehicle is modified in a major way,...
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