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    How do you remove the transfer case from the trans? I found five bolts that hold the tranfer to the trans.The book says to drain,undo speed cable and remove,but it looks like the nut on the rear output shaft in the transfer case has to be removed along with the gear so u dont pull the shaft out of the trans? Its a t90 trans.
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    unbolt it then pry the tranfer-case off might be a job being that old scrape some of the grease off and find the bolts.

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    Long ago I had a '61, and IIRC, the large nut on the transmission shaft had to be removed before the two could be separated. I also seem to recall an adapter going between my 3-speed and the TC, but am sure that of all the bolts involved, only one was a real bear to tighten, and it was in a pocket on the passenger side, about half-way up.
    Seems to me also that the large nut was about 1 3/4", but I might be wrong about that. I'm assuming you have a T-18 which was original equipment.

    Are you just planning this job, or stuck in its middle? If the first, you might do well to wait for more advice.


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