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Thread: 1968 2wd Travelall Parts truck

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    Default 1968 2wd Travelall Parts truck

    1968 Travelall Parts truck, No Title.

    Two wheel drive, torsion bar front end, V8, BW Auto, Mostly complete.
    Small rust in the vent area under the dash.
    I believe the floor pans and body mounts are good.
    Tailgate style, Not the Barn door type. .
    One of the rear quarter glass is good and one is cracked.

    I had to sell my truck so I have no need for this parts truck

    Just looking for a few hundred bucks to replace the scope on my hunting rifle.

    Don't really want to piece part it out, I would very much prefer to sell it outright.
    It's sitting in my back yard for a few years and really need to get it out of here.

    Any offer considered to sell or trade

    Located in Colorado Springs CO.
    Pic's available if interested


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    Default Pictures

    Hey Bill. I'm interested in a couple of small items only like the electric motor for the tailgate window. Also, which rear-quarter glass is good? I have a huge nick on the driver's side one and would not mind picking up a spare. Do you have pictures of the truck? Thanks in advance.

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    I am new to the IH ranks and am trying to restore a 1967 B1100 pick up truck. If you do decide to part your truck on out, I could be looking for a few items.
    I know that the 68 saw a change in body style (I think) but I'm hoping that the floor pans are the same. Does your truck have good pans and do you know if they would work? I am having one heck of a time finding the floor pans I need, Any ideas?


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