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    1979 345 engine for parts, has 4bbl spreadbore intake. Will sell whole or break down for parts. have 727 trans with dana 20 . May still work but will sell trans as a core. also bellhousing to dana T-18 out of 800b with 304. T-18 trans with Dana 20 with Advance Adapter to Chevy engine including chevy bellhousing and clutch parts. The adapter and parts were installed but have never been run. Local pickup in western mn or can ship but most parts will cost a small fortune to ship. May be able to deliver a couple of hundred miles.

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    was wondering if you had the passing gear kickdown linkage for the 345 to 727 trans.i have a 1969 t-all and i need a kickdown set up.should just be a pre bent rod from carb to tranny.let me know.thanks for your time heath


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