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Thread: Scout II automatic Locking Hubs

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    Default Scout II automatic Locking Hubs

    How exactly do these work? I see two positions "Locked" and "Automatic" When I engage the front end and spin the axle does the hub have psychic abilities and know it?

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    Locked means manually locked, won't automatically disengage when you are not pushing them.

    Automatic means if you apply torque from the diffs to the axles, the hubs engage. If not, they just roll free.

    Most brands of 4x4 use automatic locking hubs. You have the advantage of being able to lock them in. This can be useful on the trail so that they don't unlock while you have the transmission in neutral rolling backwards to get a better line.

    The auto-lock feature is useful on a snowy or muddy day. Manual locking hubs don't allow this option.
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