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Thread: 304/345 identification

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    Default 304/345 identification

    Can anyone tell me how I can tell if the '77 Scout I am going to look at this weekend has a 304 or 345? Where were the engine codes stamped, and are they in code or is it very clear? I mean, is it literally stamped "304" or something. I am new to scouts. Thanks for the info.

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    Right side of engine.
    Just above the fuel pump.
    Just up under the head.
    Flat spot, about 2 inches across and half an inch tall.
    Engine size and serial number.
    You usually have to wipe it with a rag. On a scout, looking through the inner fender is easier because the alternator/air conditioner compressor usually block the view. A mechanic's mirror works pretty well, too, if you can read backwards.

    There are two raised "spikes" on the back of the engine block, next to the bell housing, behind the valley pan. On the 304, they are 7 inches apart. On the 345, they are 8 inches apart.
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    Great. Thank you!


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