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Thread: 1978 Scout II Traveler - Montana

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    Default 1978 Scout II Traveler - Montana

    "Old Swede" the Scout is still in winter storage near Anaconda, MT (snowing today) but I am getting ready to get it out for the summer. This vehicle stood in my dad's garage in Alexandria, MN for a little over ten years before he finally gave me permission to see if I could get it going again. He was the original owner who religiously maintained Old Swede. It had just over 90K original highway miles. Mom & Dad drove to all corners of North America seeing as much as they could in their retirement years.

    April 2007 I had it towed to an auto repair place owned by a former mechanic from the original IH dealer in Alexandria, MN. Here we spent nearly $4K bringing this old beauty back to life. I have all the receipts:

    + Battery/cables replaced
    + Ignition system - spark plugs/wires and distributor rotor/cap replaced. Generator and coil inspected OK
    + Cooling system - radiator repaired, water pump/thermostat/hoses/belts replaced. Flushed
    + Fuel system - pump and filter replaced. Lines as needed. Tank flushed - inspected OK
    + IH-V-304 Gas Engine - Oil & filter
    + 4-bbl Holley carburetor - Sent to specialty shop in CA for rebuild
    + Brakes - Replace brake lines as needed, flush system, complete front & rear brake job
    + Tires - BFGoodrich A-T T/A
    + Drive train - differentials, transfer case, and transmission oil drained/flushed. Replaced with synthetic lube/fluid
    + Complete diagnostic tune-up

    It ran like new! We changed oil and filter again after a few 'hot' miles to flush out any old crud hiding in the dark corners. After several thorough test drives it was trailered to Montana. Upon arrival the carburetor needed a high altitude adjustment, the power steering hoses had to be replaced (should have been done in MN), and the coil finally gave up. Old Swede now lives a very quiet life as a sunny summer day exploring toy here on the mountain fire roads west of Anaconda. It runs great now and it looks great too. See pictures in my album. Other than minor body work the vehicle is pretty much unrestored and in "original" condition. Everything works except the air conditioner. The original IH published shop manual hides under the passenger seat.

    Very few new miles since arriving in Montana so we are ready to part with Old Swede. Asking $6,000.
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    Default still selling

    If you are do you have any pictures?

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    Default Do you still have "Old Swede".

    Hi Stan,
    I'm interested in Old Swede. I could give her a home on the Cloquet River and drive her up the North Shore of Lake Superior.
    Edgar Beaver, (218) 591-8850

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