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Thread: 345 engine swap to a 360

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    Default 345 engine swap to a 360

    79 Scout II 345 with 727 automatic transmission.

    A friend is pulling my 345 IH engine to rebuild and I'm wondering if a 360 engine will connect to the IH 727 automatic transmission? If not what modifications do I need to buy to connect a 360 to the IH 727 automatic transmission? If this modification is not possible, would it be easier to buy a Dodge 727 automatic transmission?

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    no, the 360 will not bolt up to your transmission. you will need to talk to Advanced Adaptors and see if they make an adaptor plate.

    if you are going to all the trouble of removing all engine mounts and whatever else to install the 360, suggest you save yourself some heartache and just remove the scout 727 and mounting hardware and fabricate new mounting brackets for the engine and transmission.

    Easiest solution in the long run.
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    AMC made a 360 also. There are scout transmissions that will bolt to an AMC 360. The autos that came behind the AMC-6 would work.

    Not a Chrysler 360. Got to have the chrysler small block 727 for that.

    The tailshaft housings interchange, but you have to disassemble the transmission for that one.

    The drivetrain from a ramcharger might be an option. I think I would rather have a 440 if I was going to go with a chrysler engine, and that's still another 727 version.
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