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    There is a 78 Scout II traveler here that someone is selling for a song. I am fairly mechanical minded but was directed here by a friend to ask you fine folks about what to look for as far as problems. The listing has a sidebar that the carb needs a carb kit but that it runs. No information on the engine or anything else yet but the picture of it doesn't look like a 'junkyard bucket'.

    Any help would be appreciated, I plan on calling the number in a few for more details.


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    The carb is a Holley 2200 series. Rebuild kits are cheap, and if you're mechanically astute, it's not a big deal.

    Electronic distributor, 2 barrel carb, time off of number 8 cylinder. Available engines were 196 4 cyl, 304 and 345 V8, all IH made, much, much more sturdy than a small block, or even a big block from the big 3, but not as fast. The 345, for example, weighs about 720 lbs dressed. Long lasting if cared for properly.
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