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Thread: 806 rear wheel hub wanted!!!

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    Default 806 rear wheel hub wanted!!!

    Looking for a rear wheel hub for 806 tractor. I live in Minnesota. Can get stuff shipped from Iowa also. Thanks

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    Default 806 rear wheel hub wanted

    Hi out there,

    What is the best way to remove the rear hub/wheel/drum from an Austin 34? Im sure that I could figure something out, but there must be a best way.
    Thanks for the help.

    Chuck Cantwell

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    Default 806 rear wheel hub wanted

    Well guys, went and picked the wheels and tires up from the shop from being trued.... Good news is the rear wheel was done correctly. Went to put the front on and found out that they didnt put the spokes in correctly. The wheel is not centered on the hub... Not even close. The tire is about 3/4 away from the one side of the forks, and way over an in from the other side. Enclosed are a couple of teasers.


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    Default 806 rear wheel hub wanted

    Im sure this is a question that has been asked before, but Ill ask it again.
    I have a 1985 model and want to replace the dampers in the rear wheel. They are listed as spareable parts as are the pins that fasten the clutch hub, or drive hub if you prefer, to the wheel. Therefore, there must be a way to dissassemble this unit. Anybody been down this road already and if so would you share what you discovered?



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