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Thread: How many of you guys tow?

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    Default How many of you guys tow?

    I just flat towed my '76 Wagoneer from Grand Junction, CO to Moab, UT(120 miles) and I am impressed to say the least. The 345 has alot of torque, doesn't vapor lock and the truck wasn't affected by the Wagoneer swaying around at 75MPH. I was kind of planning on buying something new but I'm sold on these old pickups.

    How many of you guys tow stuff on a regular basis?

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    I've towed with my '74 Scout II, flatbed & plow quite a few times. Typically it's a trailer loaded for the dump (no trash pickup) or the 350 gallon water tank (no well). Has hauled both with NO problems (Stock 258 & 4 speed). Hill are a typical downshift, but that's nothing major.

    I've also flat towed a '69 Scout 800a Aristocrat for about 10 miles without too many issues. I've not had a problem as of yet getting the truck to haul, both with and without the plow on.

    Congrats of owning one of the best vehicles ever on the market (IMHO)


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