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    I have just found a couple of scout 80's. Both are in a private scrap yard near were I live. The first one could be made drivable but has more rust. the second is partialy stripped but he body looks to be in better shape. this one I know is a 1964 as it is printed on the vine tag in large numbers. the first I need to find out how to decifer the vin#. I am new to scouts the guys wants $2000 for both Is this a good deal. the one is complete and the second is mostly there very little missing and both pick ups. Anythought about htese truck would be great.junk1.jpg





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    Depends on condition, especially rust. If you are sure to get one driver out of the pair, 2000 is still a bit high unless there is no need to anything other than paint. You really have to want them to pay that much, and you can figure it's going to cost you a lot more to get one fixed up, maybe 3 times that much for a full restoration.

    Not much you can get from a VIN number other than manufacture date. The first scout serial number was F501. They all had the same 4 cyl/3 spd/dana 27 axles/T18 transfer case drive train. A few had custom paint and upholstery, some had Dana 44 rear axles and an occasional powerlock in either type of rear.
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    Thanks for the info. I was thinking $2000 was a bit bit much. The question now is what are they worth. the 1 is still a possible driver with work. the other is good for parts ans possibly as a newer rebuilt engine and possible almost rust free body. $2000 is just his starting price. Any suggestions on what the were to draw the line in the price.

    My plan for these trucks is to possibly make a stock dai;ly driver out of 1, and then possibly build a trail truck out of the 2. Its been raining and snowing here so its to mudding to get them out yet. I have some time to haggle with this guy.


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