I have a 74' 200 4x4 dually and in desperate need of the long rear e-brake cable (over 152+ inches), the front e-brake cable section (I bought the gromet at SuperScout Parts) and top mounted brake cylinders for the rear. I want to get this truck to the shop before inspection and have all the parts in hand, without trying to tear the wheels and drums off here at home and locate parts. I just don't have the time working 3 jobs. I have tried Super Scout, IH only, and just about every internet site I can find, with no luck. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Heck, I am willing to buy a used non-working cable and ship it to inline tube, so they can reproduce the cable for me. That way I can get the truck to my local mechanic shop without dismantling it. Also, I do know that the rear shoes use "358" model shoes, but would the front brake shoes use the same model or a smaller one?

Thanks for any help. I appreciate all of you out there, especially Allen with his knowledge.