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Thread: If your Scout II front marker/turn signal doesn't work...

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    Default If your Scout II front marker/turn signal doesn't work...

    Just posting this in case anyone is having a similar frustration. I'm trying to fix things up to pass state inspection so I can register and get plates (tired of dealing with temporary permits). I could not get a front marker to work (checked the wiring up to the socket) until I realized that the bumps on the base of the 1157 bulb were not making contact with the bumps in the socket. I melted a drop of solder onto each bump in the socket (to make them stick out more), put the bulb back in, and presto... If you or someone you know is handy with a soldering iron, it's not too bad. Doesn't take much - I just have a 30 watt pencil iron and some light (electronics) solder. There are probably other ways to solve this problem but anyway, this worked for me.

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    Default turn signal bulb socket

    Check the small spring under the connector plate inside the socket. The spring pushes the contacts up against the base of the bulb. If it should get stuck or breaks, it won't make contact. Consider replacing the socket.
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    Where do I find a front turn signal socket? The only thing I can find online is the socket for the markers on the side of the fender panels. I may be searching the wrong keywords


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