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    Hello all, great site! Glad I was able to find a scout site. Everyone on here seems to be very helpful so thought I would ask a n00b interested in owning a scout II...

    I am looking at a 72 Scout II, I would like to purchase it for the woman since she loves them. The price is $950 and comes with a 78 Terra. The 72 and 78 both have a 345, the 72 tranny is "weak" but the 78 is fine. The windshield on the 72 needs replaced, the body on the 72 is beat up pretty good. I do not know much about rust/cancer if any yet. Other than a bunch of dents on the 72 and a lack of a windshield, it looks to be in good shape. I have only seen one photo (tried to post another thread but the MOD needs to approve). I have yet to see the 78. With this little info, that's all I have for now, is this worth the price? I am going to call him a little later, just trying to cover my bases with a list of questions, the vehicles are 5 hrs away.


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