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    Anyone have any experience with having a top custom made? I hate the snaps that always seem to get rusted, and the general cheap look. I bought mine awhile ago...have not had anything other than bikini on it since painting, and unless they have changed a bunch I can't see myself purchasing another.

    I believe the one I had was Kayline? The materiel was black and looked plastic. Payed about $600-$700 for it about 8 years ago. Had roll up back, and sides. Made a bunch of noise (more than the scout itself). Seemed to really put a lot of stress on the windshield frame it was so tight.

    Who does custom tops? or where can I get a hard top? Are the tops in a box better now?

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    The only soft top available is the Bestop, that has the snaps on the outside which you mentioned. IHOnly North has 9 in stock, and they run 950+ dollars. According to another site, Mark Drake at Scout MADness in Lubbock, TX is in the process of producing the Kayline style top for Scout IIs. You didn't mention which vehicle you have. They are also going to be pricey, but you might check with Mark on their availability.

    As far as hardtops, there are a few manufacturers of new fiberglass tops for Scout II's and Terras. Check out Kentrol industries for those, but be prepared to spend some major coin.

    Your best bet would be to post up on the wanted ads on here. Usually people have old fiberglass tops. I wish I hadn't taken my Traveler fiberglass top to the landfill now...oops.

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    Pretty much any auto upholstery shop can make a top. And to your specs..... But be prepared to spend $$$ unless you can talk them into making several/many and then reselling them.

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    Ditto, I trashed my hard top a decade ago when I was young and dumb and just had to buy back an inferior one because I like the weather less in my ripe old age.

    I too have heard of "boat top manufacturers" custom building soft tops, but have yet to talk to one. i live in L.A. so maybe I'll swing by the Marina and see what I can find.



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