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Thread: Stock Tire Size??

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    Default Stock Tire Size??

    I have a 1963 1/2 ton pickup long box fleet side and want to put the original tire size on the original split rims I have with the truck but am unable to find the tire size. Can any body help.

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    Thanks!! Cody. The tires on it now are 7.00x15 and I thought it was different to have a metric tire size on the truck. I am thinking of going to a 235/75x15 bias ply with tubes to run until I start the rebuild.

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    Default Stock tire size

    It looks like I have my sizes mixed up. I talked to guy who said he worked at a dealer here in Colo. and said the tires back then were called 6.00, 6.50,7.00, 7.10 etc. He didn't rember what the stock size was for my 63 but said because of the 15" split rim on the truck the tire might have been a 6ply.
    I bought the truck from a Fire dept in Nebraska. If someone has any more info I would be very grateful.


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