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    we got a new lil honda so we disowned the truck it still needs a new carb but its outa gas so we havnt drivn it in a while oh n the last time i did the breaks went out on me thnk god no one was in my way cuz damn that wud a been all bad he seems like he dnt want it anymore so im not going to ssay its 4 sale but if u guys wanna steart throwing offers my way u can ill tell u again its a 1974 international harvestor travell all 100 it has a 392 n it just needs a new carb tags are up to date n everything! i want it so bad i wud rather bee wastn gas n that then saving it n that lil piece of shit it scares me its such a lil car i feel if i get in an accident its gonna smash to pieces n my truck i dnt got to worry bout that i just need to worry bout hurting sum 1 else im so sad i cant drive it i really miss it ive never had a truck that i missed so much i feel ive betryed it by switching to a fukn honda accord lol ha whn r if i get my truck running im goaan run it over lol that wud be cool!!!!

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    Lol I hate new cars... My 2001 galant that is my faily driver (for now) is a piece... I just dont want to put any money into it. Specially when im pouring thousands into my scout.. that doesn't run as of yet hah
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    Well shit of ya were'nt 370m from me I'd offer ta come over an help ya out with that. But damn thats a long way to go lol!


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