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Thread: bad lifters on 304?

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    Unhappy bad lifters on 304?

    Engine has about 90k miles on it and there is excessive smoking whenever its running and noisy lifters. Would replacing the valve lifters solve our problem? And if so any tips on where we could find replacements? We're going to need some either way.

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    Without knowing the history, it is impossible to tell. There are ways to tell where the smoking is coming from. Compression tests, reading the plugs, etc. These engines are designed to go 250K miles if they are kept clean, but the cam bearings tend to delaminate after about 30 years. This causes low oil pressure, which causes noisy lifters. There are other causes as well.

    I think the part number is 213-1650 for the lifters, but if they are bad, chances are so is your cam. The cam and cam bearings would need to be changed at the same time as the lifters. On a 304, the best way to do that is to pull the engine. You'll need to be sure of what is wrong before you start throwing parts at it.
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    Default Smoking

    1st what is your oil pressure? Second I would say pull the valve covers and make sure that the oil drainback holes aren't plugged and that the valve seals are intact. If they are then the problem is probably as stated above that the cam bearings are bad and you need a minor rebuild.

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