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Thread: Need help with Throw Out bearing!!!

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    Default Need help with Throw Out bearing!!!

    Posted this over at Binder Planet but would like some feed back here also. Thanks for the help!!!

    Well $@$@#@# ME!!!!!! I replaced the engine, clutch and T/O bearing out a few months ago, plus other stuff, and now the T/O bearing seems to growl a little (sometimes, not all the time) when shifting and rpms are low. I did notice that when I first installed it a little excess grease was oozing out the rear of the bearing where the outer ring and inner ring are assembled.

    The question is, is there anyway to get some grease back in the bearing WITHOUT removing the tranny? I really do not want to remove the tranny - PIA!!!!! Any place to drill a small pilot hole and insert a grease zert? Any other tricks? This pisses me off, don't they make stuff to last anymore??? Thanks...

    OK, got this from another site (would this work without damaging the internals of the T/O bearing? - if not/if so what does the inside of a Timken T/O bearing for a T-18 1974 Scout II w/258 look like??):

    Throw-out bearings. Several years ago, these bearings began being manufactured with some cheap thin grease. They still are today. This gets like oil in a hurry because of the clutch heat. Consequently, the lubrication is thrown out of the bearing as it rotates in engagement. Maybe it was done this way to put some grease on our new clutches! Most throw-out bearings are merely out of grease. I drill a 1/8" hole on the outside edge of the bearing (not on the engagement surface). This is pretty hard and requires a quality drill bit. I use a needle type u-joint grease adapter on my grease gun and give it TWO (not 3) shots of chassis grease. Rotate the bearing halfway around after the first pump to disperse the grease. I use a very short sheet metal screw and some red lock tite to seal the hole. In one of my cars, I was able to get nearly 200,000 miles on the same throw-out bearing using this method.

    Will doing this drill into the bearing surface itself??? Does anyone have a schematic of a Timken 2005C bearing??? Thanks again!!!!

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    Default Throwout bearing.

    No you can't drill from the radius(that is where the bearing rides on).The greasable scout throwout collars have a grease(zerk)fitting in the center of the collar which has a passage drilled halfwaythrough the outer wall of the collar and another passage is drilled lengthwise in the wall of the collar making a "L" shaped passage through the collar wall to the bearing.Now a small (beveled) passage is drilled on the side of the bearing going from the center-most ring(that the bearing spins on)up into the bearing at about 45 degree angle.(comes from factory with the hole)That passage is lined up to the passage on the collar when the bearing is press fit on to it.If you drill right where the collar meets the bearing at about a 50-60 degree angle you might be alright.I actually repacked a new bearing when I changed my clutch through the sides(where bearing rotates around the center) by packing it in the cracks using the palms of my hand.Of course it was before I put it in.Take a light and see if you can get to that crack with a syringe of grease and try that first.If you drill you can just inject grease that way . Your options are limited at this point.Look up throwout bearing grease fitting on Binderplanet .It should show how people drill out the collar(mentioned above) although the bearing already comes with a hole.That will give you an Idea of what I am talking about.Just ask someone to post a pic of a throwout bearing that already has a hole in the side to go with the the zerk fitted collar.Good luck!


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