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Thread: 73 Travellall axle question

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    Default 73 Travellall axle question

    Have a new member of the family .... 1973 Travellal 1110 3/4 ton 4x4.
    After having a few scouts .... thought I would move over to the wagon!

    Anyway, something I noticed which is new to me is the rear axle is narrower than the front! I know they used to do this on some old 4x4s but first time I have seen it on an international.

    What axles do I have sitting under this thing? What are my options for swaping the rear end out so the front and back axles are the same width?

    Also, I have drum brakes - if I am swapping axles, how complicated is the move to disc brakes with newer axles?

    Thanks in advance!

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    The rear axle is very slightly narrower than the front. Most people don't even notice it.
    Discs are not a problem. Find a 74 or 75 axle and bolt it in. The 73 should have open knuckles. I'm not sure what fits. The brake hardware is the same as a Scout II for the 74/75 half ton.

    The 1110 is the half ton model. D44 front and rear, but there were also D60 semi-floatin axle models. The tow packages had those unless a posi rear end was ordered. They are the same from the carrier out as the D44, but have the D60 carrier.

    The rear disc option is easy. The front is a bit more work. I don't recall if the knuckles are the same as for a Scout II or ford or anything else. Just don't know that one.

    If you just want to upgrade the axles, suburban axles will fit. There are some steering changes, but nothing serious. Different idler arm, I think, and drag link needed.
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