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Thread: Anybody have a fuel tank solution for Travelette?

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    Default Anybody have a fuel tank solution for Travelette?

    Hi gang, I haven't been around for a while because my truck is working just fine! But fuel range is a real problem.

    I have a 1964 C1100 Travelette with the stock, passenger-side under-door tank, about 17 gallons.
    I am trying to figure out what I can do to increase my range. Has anybody found an aftermarket tank that will fit under the driver doors? I was thinking about making a tubular tank out of ABS sewer pipe, or steel tubing.
    Thinking about using an under-floor transfer hose so I can fill both tanks from the stock filler, and not have to drive around to the other side of the pump island.

    Any ideas? Or sources for stock driver-side tank?
    Here is my truck so far:

    1964 C1100 Travelette, owned since 1988, with 392/4bbl, 5 speed overdrive, dana 60 with lockright, dana 44, NP205, pertronix, power steering

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    A passenger side tank was a factory option. If you look a bit, you should be able to find the setup. The tank selector switches on that model were right under the front of the driver's seat, just like on a Scout 80.
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    I have the drivers side door tank setup. It fills through the front fender. The setup is for a 68. I can send pics if you want. PM me.

    I think it is also 17 gallons. My 68 b1200 has a passenger tank with the fill behind the door, it is 19 gallons.

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    Default Also check...

    Summit Racing fuel tanks. They have a great assortment of odd sizes.

    Get your measurements and try to think about connector pipe routing/hookups, etc.

    They've got a long thin one (something like 12" x 15" x 30") that I may try to fit on my Scout II (if I find the time) to save money on the expensive 30 - 33 gallon steel ones out there.

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    I ditched the "saddle tanks" and went for a custom build between the frame rails behind the rear axle. It meant cutting a hole for a new fill tube, and in my case since I run diesel, long lines to the engine and back. Given how much space there is, the tank came to 42.5 gallons and cost around $500. Here's who did the work -


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