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    Default Hub Assembly

    I purchased new rotors for the donor axle im rebuilding with new bearing, seals, gears, and a tru trac ... Shouldi bother trying to remove the hub assembly from the old rotors? (If this is even possible im not sure.)

    And if i have to get a hub assemblys + studs did i kinda screw myself on pricing for buying the rotors / hubs / studs seperate as opposed to one piece?

    Thanks guys sorry for no pics lately
    Since my last update i have :

    Removed the hardtop, bondo-haired the bed, sanded, and did 3 coats of roll on bedliner. Repainted the tailgate with 3 coats of bedliner on the inner side. removed , sanded, primed, and painted friewall internal side, all pedals and dash panels, installed new steering wheel (grant mahogany) i was givin. Removed front axle, completly dissasembled the donor D-44, parted out the 75 part scout i had, Sanded and primed and paitned the windshield rataining piece, and many other small things. Powder coated the front covering bumper, modified the chrome stock bumper to fit my modified front end by making 2 cutouts for the bars going down from the front of my frame to the leaf springs (something i welded up myself)

    To the engine i have: Replaced the head gaskets, valve cover gaskets, water pump gasket, Got a new 100amp red powder coated alternator, new air cleaner, 1 inch carb spacer, Powder coated red eddlebrock intake manifold, new high perf water pump + gasket, new timing cover + gasket. Painted entire interrior of engine compartment.

    Im getting there... im about a month and a half in and im seeing some major improvements ITs nice to see somthign you care about take shape slowly but surely. Very satisfying especially when youve done it 100% yourself

    Ill try n throw some before / after pics and put em up to give u an idea of everything ive done.

    On a random note;

    I picked up a 3.5 tons ARCAN low profile jack at costco for a remarkable
    70$! And i have seen people selling them on craigslist for 150 used claiming they go for 300...

    So check your local costco, duno where its available but here in slo they had a whole pallet.
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    Default Hubs

    Removing the hubs from the rotors is about as easy as it comes lol.

    1. take the hub assembly off.

    2. lay them flat on the back side on a piece of wood/cardboard etc.

    3. hit the studs with a hammer.

    4. pick up the rotor seperate from the hub

    5. check studs, If studs are good, reassemble.


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