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    I have a '64 Scout 80 with the 152 in it and the holly one barrel. I fully restored the scout when i was 16 and due to financial issues had to put some of it on hold. I now have the money and have her just about finished but i'm having some carb problems. I've rebuilt the carb and it still isn't running right. When i push on the throttle it lugs down and just about dies. I've heard that the one barrel holly is a high maintenance carb in the past and i heard there is a 2 barrel holly off a 70's Pinto or something that will bolt right up? Does anyone know what i'm talking about? Can anyone give me the correct carb, or if they had success using it? Also the 2 barrel has an electric choke rather than the manual which would be a nice upgrade for those cold morning starting up. My scout seems to be really under powered, to the point where i can't drive it up hills! help me please!

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    Try this thread for more information. Same carb, same engine, same issue.
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