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    I have been considering getting a scout for a while and am looking for some background information, any assistance is greatly appreciated.
    1) How difficult is it to obtain parts for the Nissan diesel? I have looked online and have not found much.
    2) What type of speeds can a scout with the diesel maintain?

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    The stock diesel with 3.73 gears and stock sized tires can maintain 65 mph with no problem, and get 25+ mpg. It's a slow revving engine. The turbo model (1980) is about the same, typically 25+ mpg on the highway, but accellerates a little more quickly and has a little more power. Not quick, but better than the N/A engines. If you're in a hurry, find another ride.

    The parts are available to rebuild the engines. Last I heard, there was an outfit that was still the authorized dealer. I think they are called JESCO, maybe with a double S.
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    The single "S" in JESCO is right... here's their number if you need it; always kept it handy because they do have the parts (pretty much whatever you need, most of the time) but they're EXPENSIVE. Sometimes worth it though; purchased a new head from them for my turbo diesel and it was around 1100, but better than running with 8 different cracks in my old head. Otherwise, you can try Super Scout Specialists... sometimes they have some of the parts you'd need for the diesel. Their website is, but you're better off calling them and asking for a salesman. Way more parts in their warehouse than what they have listed for sale.

    JESCO # (209) 537-5057


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