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    Hey guys,

    I'm new to the forum here(and will update my profile right away). I'm doing an SOA with a high steer setup on a 73 Scout II(swapping in a Dana 44 from a 78). Going to do a SOA and plan on the cut/turn of the inner 'C's if need be. With a spring over how much caster do I need?

    Also, will the stock leafs be good for the spring over if I have them rearced, maybe add another full leaf to them? Or should I be looking for another option for leafs? I plan on clearing 35s, would I need to be looking at a body lift as well with stock leafs on the SOA? Is it really necessary to do a shackle reversal like I've read when you do an SOA?

    I'm gonna get in touch with the IHONLY North guys as I see they've done quite a few SOAs on Scouts.

    Thanks for the help.

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    im kinda of new to the forum to, but i'll give your question a crack. in order to clear 35s comfortably you will need more than you stock springs and an soa. now how you want to acomplish this is up to you and your type of terra, but i would NOT go with an add-a-leaf. the rear leaf springs are to long for most systems and the leaf tends to loose that added arch quickly. As far as having them re-arched...yeah it will work but mine seem to be loosing that arch after 3 years of wheeling. to clear 35s a combination of things are required, an soa, a body lift, extended shackles if you plan on running stock, and if you want to convert those it wont hurt but its not "required", and though im not a fan of it you will probably need to trim your rear wheel well. OR you could get a 4" suspension lift along with your soa. As far as the caster goes mines at 6 degrees, but you can run it 4-6. when it comes time to cut your C's off(because it has to be done) and weld them back on make sure you take into account you pinion angle because you will need to aim it at your t-case in order for your driveline to function properly. im not real sure what mines at but i believe its in the ball park of 15 deg.

    hope this helps


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