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Thread: 392 w/345 heads, etc.. Holley projection question

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    Default 392 w/345 heads, etc.. Holley projection question

    HEY all, glad to see that this forum still exists.. I have owned my scout for 16 years now, and after neglecting her for the past 5 I am finally getting back into it..
    About 10 years ago I dropped in a 392 built with 345 heads, and mild cam from the machinist who does work for Anything Scout in Ca.. I got the engine slightly used from a friend, and at the time it had a edelbrock carb on it. AS I swapped motors I put in the 2D projection system, and stan tri-y's with a dual exhaust etc.. It will start up after sitting for 6 months , no problem. And I wonder if the 2d system is really adequate for the power that the motor may otherwise produce?
    Basically I am looking to get the current opinions on the projection system, and perhaps the 2d is too small?? And instead of purchasing the 4d system I imagine going back to the edelbrock( which I still have) or stepping up to the Howell system would be better?
    So thanks in advance and I look forward to any and all feedback...

    Also , anyone have any idea of who made the motors for anything scout back in the late 90's?? It is painted all black , if that helps at all..
    We both reside in montana, as of 14 years ago!!

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    Default more info...

    -- if any of you or someone you know may be running a similiar setup, any idea of what fuel pressure they are running.. right now i am at 18 psi.--

    thanks again


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