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    Howdy. I'm new to this forum but had a spring question I was hoping yall could help me with.

    In short, I'm in the process of doing a SOA conversion on my 800. The axles are out of '79 F250 (44 front/ 60 rear). Currently I have the SOA mocked up with the original 800 springs. I am wanting get 1-2" lift springs to help fit my 36" tires (no worries I plan on trimming the fenders too ).

    My question is what type springs would you recommend I use (to get the additional 1-2 inches of spring lift)? I'm thinking either:

    - CJ7 springs (help w/ the wider F250 front axle spring perches)
    - original 800 springs (w/ more fender trimming)
    - Custom springs
    - Other??

    Sorry for the long winded question. I appreciate any input you guys might have. (almost forgot--the front will also be getting a shackle reversal from IHonlynorth)
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