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    Default Rules for posting:

    This is pretty simple. If you don't put a location in the ad or have one in your profile so that it will show up on your posts, nobody will know where you are.
    If you don't put in any contact information, you need to check back for private messages on a regular basis.

    Don't put your e-mail or phone number in the ad without breaking it up, like joesmith at whatever dot com or three three seven 2605 or some such thing so that the spammers don't cause you problems.

    Want to sell something? How about a price? Want everybody to just guess? Everybody wants to know what you think it's worth. If they disagree, they won't waste your time or their own asking.

    Thanks for reading. These are guidelines. It's okay to waste your time with ads that don't work as long as they are legitimately IH related.
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    Dear Allan , thank you very much for the very helpful info on email and phone number. I was not aware of this and wondered why they did that with there number. So from now on I'll do it that way . Its like if I only help one person it was worth the effort, You just helped one grateful one .webman


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