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Thread: New Scout Owner-New Engine?

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    Default New Scout Owner-New Engine?

    I have just gotten a 1980 Scout. I am super stoked! I will be needing some engine work right off the bat. The 345 is in need of some TLC. Is it worth overhauling the 345, or should I see about putting something totally different in it? I would like to keep the International motor in it, I think, right?
    That said, I live in Idaho Springs, Co near Denver and would love some guidance on a good "Scout Surgeon". I don't want to let just anyone work on it.

    I am budgetting about $2500 to get the engine running super great. Am I underestimating the cost greatly? I will post a link to pictures shortly!

    Thanks for your time!

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    Yes, that's about right for a rebuilt engine. The parts to rebuild a 345 are expensive compared to a chevy or ford, but with proper care, an IH engine will last twice as long. If you are planning to pay somebody to remove and install the engine, it's going to cost more.
    I have been told that Jim Maulis is the guy you need to talk to in your area. Rocky Mountain Binders (Denver area and Pikes Peak area) are a pretty good bunch of folks. Somebody will know who you need to talk to.
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