Hey there. Some time in April 2010 I joined this forum. I did some good research on this site. Thanks for the good posts and quality questions.

In May of this year I purchased a 1967 Scout 800.

On the day I brought it home.

It's a very clean Scout w/ typical rust issues where I expected to find them.

I scrubbed it down big time, because it had been living under a big fir tree for a few years.

As you can see it is very straight.

Since I took these shots, I have had to do several things to make it road worthy. I replaced the master cylinder (it has Scout II power brakes and front axle w/ disks), I replaced the flex brake line, new water pump, new batt. and cables, moved batt from drivers side to passangers side, did a tune up w/ the usual stuff. I built a simple exhaust (more tempoary than simple) and fixed the parking brake.

Now I dirve it to work several days a week and just love it.

It is a facotry V8 machine w/ a 345 now in it. It has the 4 speed manual w/ twin stick t-case. I think it has a posi rear end, but have not actually looked.

Rust issues inside are going to keep me busy this comming winter, but it's nothing I cant handel.

I look foward to updating this thread w/ progress shots and info on what I've been doing for my Scout 800.

I did attend the Binder Bee in Brooks this year, but I did not have my 800 in safe working condition yet, so I went w/out it.