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    Hi, new to this forum and not yet a Scout diesel owner but hope to be? I am also planning a trip from VA to NM and am considering doing it with a 1980 Scout II that I have found it has low miles and seems to run fine, breaks need looked at (alternator Vaccum pump issue, maybe just a belt?) There also is some oil leaking from what looks like the oil Pan gasket and maybe the Turbo Cooler hoses? Steering is a little funny but not too bad. I am used to working on Jeep xjs so I have some mechanical skills if need be on the road but I am worried about the rarity of these engines if I have to take it to some random mechanic along the way. also I may need to tow a Light trailer with a few things that don't fit in the back of the scout. any suggestions or warnings. Is it NOT a smart choice? I really like this vehicle and wish to make it work rather than an average diesel van which is my other option? Thanks for any advice!
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