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Thread: Big Deal (For me anyways)

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    Default Big Deal (For me anyways)

    Hey Ya'll,

    Got this Scout II last summer. At the time it would not even crank. I am pretty new at working on cars (other than standard maintenance) So this is prretty big for me. I have promised the kids I will take them to school in the Scout this coming August. I am not bragging just want to give others like me hope. Have fun and pass the knowledge along to your kids.

    Tank dropped, drained, acid wash (KBS), prepped (KBS)and coated (KBS)
    Fuel Lines flushed
    New Fuel Filter
    Carburator Rebuilt
    New Battery
    New Altenator
    Timing adjusted
    New Plugs
    Oil Change

    Brakes are next

    Scout 2011 (7).jpg

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    kool man ! good looking scout.won't happen overnite,but you'll get it.spread your self out,an join the other sites,an get 4 times the info & input,ihon,binder planet,just international's.jeff


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