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Thread: sd33t engine problem help please.

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    Default sd33t engine problem help please.

    I have owned many Scouts but just purchased my first diesel. It will start and run really well for a period of time then gradually lose power and die. I will then bleed IP and injectors and it will run great for awhile and then repeat same behavior. Can anyone please tell me what the problem may be?

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    You're sucking air into the fuel line somewhere or else you have a fuel line collapsing. I don't think it's the latter because the fuel lines on a diesel should be metal, not rubber, but you need to verify that.

    Might be a bad injector pump. I don't know how to check for that.

    I would check the connections. If there is no apparent leak, there could be a crack in the fuel line at the top of the tank. That would explain why it could pull air.
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    I agree on sucking air into the syestem . Disconnnect an injector line and place it into a plastic container you can observe how much fuel is being injected while turning over the motor. It may start but you are just checking initial flow. Could be a bad lift pump or the lobe on the cam that moves the lift pump could be bad. Fuel shut off selenoid could be restricting fuel flow. Check the fuel filter also it can have particulates plugging it up after the engine is running then as it is shut off settle and allow you to start it again.


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