Hello all. It's been a while, but I'm back to working on my 1980 Terra, more out of necessity than joy since my daily driver died last week, and I need to get the alternator working.

A few years ago I replaced the stock alternator with a Hitachi 1990 Nissan 240SX. I also installed an SSBC Vacuum pump to boost the booster ( http://compare.ebay.com/like/1306802...Types&var=sbar )

When I was driving it, I had to way over rev the motor to get the alternator (hence the breaks) to turn on. I am thinking that I will have to get a new pulley for the alternator to get the alternator RPMs up (unless someone has a better idea???).

Does anyone know the size of the crank and waterpump pulleys on the SD33T so I can crunch the numbers? I already have the spec sheet for the alternator.