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Thread: Looking for a reman Holley 1904.

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    Default Looking for a reman Holley 1904.

    Let me know if you can source one. Thanks-Chris

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    I have the Holley 2210 on my Scout and I was able to order a remanufactured one from . With that said, I am on my 3rd unit (ordered today) as the other 2 were deffective.
    I downloaded a PDF file from holley listing the older part numbers. Let me know if you would like it.

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    Default 1904

    I'd like to see this pdf file as I'm needing a replacement for my 1904

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    Default If you want the rebuild kit

    It's Holley #3888, this kit includes everything but the float, the mounting gasket, and the screws for the butterfly. It's not listed in any of the catalogs at the auto parts stores, but if you call up holley tech support they can give you all the info you need. When I called and gave them the number on the carb the guy paused for about a second and then said, "That's off an old international, isn't it?" They know their stuff. They also reccomended a place in florida that rebuilds carbs and has some hard to find parts available, I'll post their address when I find it.


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