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Thread: transmission stuck?

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    Default transmission stuck?

    Hi, I have an 80 diesel scout. lately I notice at stop lights I get stuck in first gear, its REAL hard to get it to shift, but eventually I can, usually by going for second then back to first. clutch pedal seems to work OK. once rolling I can shift easy, it only seems to be hard when I'm at a stop

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    When was the last time you check (visually inspected) your clutch. I think you are out of adjustment

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    I concur check to see that there is little to NO power transmitted to the wheels when the clutch is pressed down all the way. If that is good it is in your shift top, not sure of the tranny that the diesel used in 80 but I rebuild trannys for a living so post a model number and Ill know more if you dont get it fixed.

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    All of the manual transmissions used on Scout II diesels were T-19 4 speeds. Close ratio was the standard configuration, but you could order a wide ratio or even a 727 if you wanted. 1980 was the last year, and all were 4x4 with a Dana 300 transfer case.
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