Hi there to all! This is my first post and ima start it off by saying that i dont know shit about hydraulics... and that of course is my problem. So the history of this truck is pretty hard before i got it and i work it doing tree work for sevrail years. I went to the army for 4 years, came back and startd trees again. Well this truck was workin fine and dandy when it was parked but now the thing wont dump and i mean like nothin. Engage PTO and it spins but the bed doesnt go up. Iv talked to a couple hydro guys and they said it probly has air in it an all i got to do is take some plug out and engage PTO till fluid comes out. Thats nice an all but the hydro cylndr i have has no plug to do this. Its has 1 opening into it and that all i can find. Btw should probly say it leaked 1 gal a month before i let it sit so it was bone dry.
So my million dollar q is: is there a old hydro guy out there can give me sone pointers on a few things about these old school dump trucks.