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Thread: 1963 (Jan '63, 62 body style) C110 V8 Bonus Bed Pickup Truck

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    Default 1963 (Jan '63, 62 body style) C110 V8 Bonus Bed Pickup Truck

    I have a 1962 1/2 (Registered as 1963) C110 rear wheel drive Bonus Bed pickup truck. I'm asking $2750 OBO. White over blue in color.

    Its registered as a 1963, the its the dual headlight 1962 body style. There are markings under the hood that indicate it was a Jan 1963 creation, probably still on the line after the start of the model year and used 1962 body and parts.

    The truck has 30,000 original miles. I has the original wheels and center caps, all original chrome and is virtually rust free. The factory blue paint still exists underneath the bed. It has surface rust on fenders and hood. It has a small hole in the passenger floorboard, but the floors are still solid. There are two small holes in the rear of the bed.

    The truck has a 266 V8 International motor and a 4 speed manual with 2bbl carb.

    Its a solid running truck. I haul sand and gravel and have added a hitch and trailer light connection. Its a real workhorse . Its licensed and could be driven home.

    This would be a very nice and fairly easy restorer. Its rare to have a 40+ year old truck as solid as this.

    I don't have any photo's posted, but they will be available at :


    You can contact me (Jeff) at 812-926-0072, Southeastern Indiana.

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    Default 62, c110

    Sounds like a really good buy for someone. Like you I am a new member of the group with my own overhaul project. A 1967 B1100 bonus bed pick up.
    I have yet to find any reuseable floor pans and worse yet mine are so far gone I can't come up with a pattern. When do you think you will be posting any pictures? Will you have any of the floor pans?
    I would just like to see what a real one looked like before they plant me in the ground. Stay safe this holiday weekend, and good luck selling it. You will probaly get a lot of interest once you post the Pictures. From past results I have found that the more pictures you have, the fewer questions you have from those who troll the waters.


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